The First Manufacturer Of Shredders In Iran

Radis Sanat Hooshmand Artavil

رادیس صنعترادیس صنعترادیس صنعت

Scrap Metal Recycling

Save Resources & Energy

شردر مدل R2200شردر مدل R2200

Advantages Of Shredder Machine

High productivity with the ability to process up to 360000 tons of scrap iron per day

Separation of non-recyclable metals and non-metallic iron from fused metals

Accurate separation of scrap metal and product delivery in accordance with customer requirements

Careful control of output output in the shortest time and increased value added

Why Radis Sanat Hooshmand Artavil?

Shredder Radis Industry

What is Shredder and its importance

Most iron smelting complexes in our country always use induction smelting system, which makes the iron smelting complexes highly dependent on scrap iron as a strategic raw material.
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Opening Of Radis Sanat Production Line

The production line of Knowledge-based Radis Sanat Co. was commissioned in the field of design and production of advanced equipment and machinery  with the presence of the Deputy Governor and Members of Parliament.
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After Sales Service

Radis Sanat Co. , always in the forefront of quality, knowledge and precision, has always been thinking of upgrading its industrial machinery technology. Customer satisfaction is our first accepted value.د.
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Scrap Metal Recycling

Design to Execution

Radis Sanat Co. with over ten years of experience in the field of manufacturing machinery and equipment for industrial scrap metal recycling line and worn-out vehicles, and designing of dust removal systems for iron smelting and rolling mills in various capacities are ready to cooperate and consult. Other specialties of this company are the manufacture of hammer shredders for metal, paper and wood materials with diesel and electric motors with a production capacity of 1 to 2 tons per hour.

Scrap iron processing machine (hammer shredder) is the best type of small and uniform waste scraper. For the hammer-shredder machine, the best raw material for off-road passenger car waste. The device is designed using state-of-the-art environmental technology to reduce pollution of the steel industry. Among the benefits of this machine are increased melt quality and purity (lack of materials such as: copper-aluminum-cream vanilla, etc.) and reduced power consumption, furnace refractories, increased scrap melt efficiency, reduced melting time and reduced product cost and above all reduced environmental pollution. It will be life.

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What is Shredder?

شردر آهن قراضه

The Importance of Using Shredder in Iran

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